Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This Week's Classes

I have several classes this week, see if they are a good fit for you!

T-Shirt Quilt Lecture/Demo - Thursday evening

Patriotic Twist Wall Hanging

I'll also be showing my samples at the Ritzy Thimble Quilt Guild meeting next Monday, the 17th.  Come and see what the guild has to offer.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reboot. . . .

I had to laugh as I reread through my few posts in this blog over the past year.  Sadness indeed.  Yet, here I am again ready to launch my life and business.

I'm working from home and doing commission/custom quilts for customers.  I'm still teaching at the local quilt shop and doing some one on one instruction as well.  Not to mention I've started putting items up for sale on my Etsy shop!  Finally, I feel confident to say WHOO HOOO...Just Beachy Studios is on it's way!

Let's recap. . . . .

This has been a work in progress for well over 4 years.

The past 4 years of my life have been challenging for me as a wife, partner, mother and friend.  I have allowed many things to fall to the way-side of life including favorite past times, hobbies, friends and other relationships.  It is not that I didn't/don't value, want or need those pieces of my life, the fact was very simple for me - I needed, wanted and valued my marriage, husband and family more.

Now as I stand on the other side of this battle field, I see new past times, hobbies and friendships along with the old.  Some were able to make it across the battle field of my life, others remain as part of my past with hope of reconnecting to my present.  

During this time my desire to blog has changed.  I wanted a blog that encompasses all my life aspects and not just one hobby in 3 different blogs. I want my blog to be a better representation of me and my beliefs, my lifestyle and my journaling.

I write a blog mainly for myself for documentation, yet knowing that it will be read to be inspiration for others.

So, what exactly will you see here?  Christ, church, family, kids, quilting, teaching, food, blogging, knitting, working, gardening, fishing, golfing, bowling, hubby things, kitty things, silliness. . . I guess just more of me.

Thank you for joining me and I hope my life inspires something in yours.